Charbroiled Jerked Chicken Breast


Nashville Jerk spice mix
Boneless skinless chicken breasts
One or more limes or lemons depending on how many pieces you’re cooking
2-4 ounces of vegetable oil

Sprinkle both sides of boneless chicken breast lightly or moderately depending on your desired heat with Nashville Jerk seasoning.
Dip or drizzle them with vegetable oil and place on a hot grill. Flames should engulf the pieces when they are placed on the grill, searing the meat's surfaces and encapsulating them with Jerk flavor.
Flip once the pieces are 50% or more cooked through and continue charbroiling them until desired doneness. A good trick is to use smooth edged tongs or other utensil to gently slide along the grate, underneath the edges of the pieces. The entire piece should easily break free of the grate using this technique enabling a clean flip and well defined grill markings.
Apply fresh lime or lemon juice during the last minute on the char-broiler.
Let them rest at least 3 minutes before serving.